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‘District 9’ Writer Being Nudged by Annoying Stone Monster

Off the recent success of District 9, website io9 caught up with Oscar-nominated writer Terri Tatchell who revealed that she’s working on feature film version of Trevor Cawood’s insane short “Terminus”, while also giving some brief hope on District 9 sequel potential. Read on for the skinny. District 9 is currently in the running for the Academy Award for Film Editing, Visual Effects, Writing [Adapted Screenplay] and Best Film.
The film I’m working on now is an adaptation of a short film called Terminus,” she tells io9. “It’s a bit more science fiction, fantasy. It’s about a stone creature that follows this stressed-out guy around, just stressing him more and more. It was incredibly well received, and the director that created it, [Trevor Cawood] hasn’t done a feature yet, and he’s really talented. I approached him about writing a feature script of that. It’s been a little more challenging than I expected it to be. I’m probably on my second draft now. I’m not ready to send it off yet, but we’ll see.

Watch the short below. It’s pretty incredible.

As for a sequel: “I’m sure we will. If, if District 9 were to have a sequel, we’d work on that together. But who knows. In the meantime we enjoy being each others’ helpers.



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