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‘The Wolfman’ Extended Cut to Carry Addition 17 Minutes of Footage!

With the window for DVD/Blu-ray releases shrinking exponentially (it’s about to go into negative territory), talk of extra features comes up more and more often at junkets for big studio releases. Such the case with Universal Pictures’ The Wolfman. This weekend Bloody Disgusting’s Chris Eggertsen caught up with Director Joe Johnston who talked a bit about the “extended cut” – and not “director’s cut” – of the remake that arrives in theaters this Friday. Dig on it all below.
Joe JohnstonChris asked Mr. Johnston, “As far as the additional footage that I’m assuming that you’ll be putting on the DVD, what can we expect? Are there any action sequences that would be added or is it all relationship/character-building stuff?”

Well, there’s action sequences, but most of them are in the deleted scenes,” revealed Johnston in an exclusive one-on-one interview with Bloody Disgusting. “Most of the stuff that we put back in, I think it’s 17 minutes longer – a lot of it’s stuff up front, but there’s also, throughout the film, we basically let the scenes play a little bit longer. There’s a little bit of action stuff, but it’s mostly bits of scenes that worked, but we cut them out to shorten the film. You know, to get down to our 96 minutes. So it’s sort of a variety of stuff.” He continues explaining that it’s NOT a “director’s cut”, “But I won’t call it the “director’s cut”, it’s the “extended cut”. The release cut needs to be what you refer to as the “director’s cut”.

“I think “director’s cut” has sort of a negative connotation in some ways,” Chris chimed in.

It does for me. You know, the “director’s cut” should be what is released, I think.

Watch for a full-length interview this week. The Wolfman arrives in theaters this Friday.



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