More Pages of ‘The Ring 2’ Reviewed!

Inside are a few new pages of the shooting script to Dreamworks The Ring 2 reviewed. We hope to have a full script review for you in the near future. But before you enter, be warned of some major spoilers, which occur early in the film. As of right now Hideo Nakata’s The Ring 2 is set for a November 10th release, but that could change.
This review is from six pages of the script entitled “Shooting script 3/4/2004”.

The movie has lost its entire original opening were Samara killed homeless people at a soup kitchen (more here) and has been filled with a lot of dialogue- it basically just sets up Rachel (Naomi Watts) moving to a new town and getting a new job. The first kill doesn’t happen until about the 15-20 minute mark of the film- but we do get a serious shocker setting up the plot:

Major major spoiler follows:

It becomes known to us, that Rachel’s son Aidan has been in the hospital- the reason- he doesn’t sleep anymore (sound familiar?).

End Spoiler

After we find out this surprise early on, Rachel receives a disturbing phone call from Natalie (a new character). Rachel rushes to her house and something surprising happens, which shocked the living hell out of me. Once this extra special twist comes into effect, the viewers are hit with yet another shocker. The movie had just gone from slow to incredibly suspenseful in literally seconds.

Although this is only six pages of the script, I can tell that Dreamworks has just taken this sequel to another level. Expect a full script review soon. Thanks again to JPM!