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A Better Look at the Sales Art for Filmax’s ‘Exorcismus’



Directed by Manuel Carballo from a screenplay by David Munoz is Filmax’s new exorcism tale, Exorcismus, which stars Tommy Bastow, Sophie Vavasseur, Richard Felix, Douglas Bradley and Stephen Billington. The film will explore the popular horror theme of exorcism, focusing on a young girl, Suzy, whose erratic behaviour forces her family to bring in a priest to try and resolve the problem through hypnosis. The disturbing results are recorded on a secret camera.
Emma is sick. Tired of studying at home instead of going to school, tired of baby-sitting his younger brother, tired of their parents. Emma’s parents are overprotective, agnostics and overly strict with their children’s education. Emma wants a different life, wants to be free … Inexplicably Emma begins to suffer strange attacks that parents attributed to psychological problems, but she knows that these attacks have a very different origin. Emma knows that something terrible inside that is gripping it. Emma wanted to be free … Some things are best ever wished absence thereof…


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