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Criminals vs Zombies in Spanish ‘Dead Dogs’

Another criminal vs zombies movie is on the horizon as Antonia Nava and Sagrario Santorum’s Nava Entertainment will produce zombie actioner Perros muertos (Dead Dogs), directed by Koldo Serra (Backwoods). Perros has a petty criminal, Cocacolo, pulling a Barcelona bank job and fleeing south, just as a family leaves Northern Spain for holidays. The motley group join together in the Spanish countryside to battle a zombie outbreak sparked by the locals’ consumption of adulterated rapeseed oil. The themes are very similar to that of the French bloodfest The Horde, which fails because you need your lead characters to be likable. Hopefully Perros takes note. Shooting commences in October. Nava has a rich history formerly as he headed international co-productions at Barcelona’s Filmax, producing Brad Anderson’s The Machinist and Transsiberian, Jaume Balaguero’s Fragile and Backwoods.



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