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The Devil in Sheep’s Clothing Tricks ‘The Monk’



Gallic thesp Vincent Cassel (the creepy, creepy dude from Sheitan) will topline in The Monk, an 18th century-set suspenser based on Matthew Lewis’ Gothic novel. The Monk depicts the rise and tragic downfall of Capucin Ambrosio, a respected Spanish monk. The story concerns a Spanish monk named Ambrosio and his violent downfall. He is undone by carnal lust for his pupil, a woman disguised as a monk (Matilda), who is eventually revealed as an instrument of Satan in female form, who has orchestrated Ambrosio’s downfall from the start. The Madrid-set pic stars Deborah Francois, Sergi Lopez and Geraldine Chaplin (The Orphanage). French-German director Dominik Moll has been tapped to direct. The 12-week lensing will start in mid-April. Cassel has just wrapped Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a New York-set thriller co-starring Nathalie Portman.
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