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EDGUY Video For ‘Robin Hood’: I Laugh Quite Heartily

I was always a fan of the Robin Hood movies. Hell, I even enjoyed the 1991 version with Uma Thurman. So when EDGUY premiered their video for Robin Hood, I knew I had to check it out. Turns out this video is hilarious, far more so than repeated viewings of Men in Tights (c’mon Mel Brooks, some original material wouldn’t hurt, would it?). It also guest stars German actor and comedian Bernhard Hoecker as both Friar Tuck and Maid Marian. 

Frontman Tobais Sammet stated: “When you decide to do things like that, of course you have to be aware that you will most likely make a fool out of yourself.  We had to wear tights and looked a bit like four idiots and one transvestite. But we have come to a point we don’t care so much anymore. The shooting was one of the funniest days in our career, and that means something. It was hard work: the rain, the mud, soaking wet tights, angry horses, a carriage, a lot of travesty, sword fighting, and hurting smile muscles. You gotta check it out!”
Robin Hood comes off the upcoming EDGUY album, Age of the Joker, which comes out in the US on September 13th. Check out the video after the jump!



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