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‘The Loch’ Summons the Powers of Revenge

Bloody Disgusting learned exclusively that August Fredrik (actor in Angels & Demons) will see his screenplay go into production sometime this year. Entitled The Loch, here’s the logline for the UK horror thriller: “Lured by the mysterious power of an isolated loch, a group of friends succumb to dark desires for vengeance.” If you read below you’ll find the official synopsis.
Nikki is a beautiful orphan in her mid-twenties slowly dying of a rare brain tumor. Haunting hallucinations of her dead sister Jeanette drive her to reunite the group of friends who were torn apart after experiencing Jeanette’s accidental death several years earlier.

Four friends venture into the Scottish highlands, following the increasingly delusional Nikki to a surprise location – a mysterious island cabin in the middle of an isolated loch. Peter is haunted by his fear of open water after letting Jeanette slip under in the sailing accident. Peter’s girlfriend Karin, the newcomer in the group encourages him to join the others on the island.

But the water in the loch holds a record of severe atrocities from centuries past and one by one each of the friends is tempted by the water’s uncanny power to summon desires for revenge.

Everyone who touches the loch has a deadly score to settle and Peter must overcome his fear and guilt to face his friends and the water that possesses them.



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