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Video Interview with ‘Birdemic’ Director, Arizona Screening Added!



When we first heard Severin was taking Birdemic: Shock and Terror on the road, we weren’t sure if was going to work with the audiences. On a small scale, my group of friends and I have been watching it religiously. We begged Severin to let us sponsor the tour and we’re hoping to share the magic with Bloody Disgusting readers. It’s no secret that the movie is bad, but holy crap is it one hell of a good time. With the red carpet unrolling this past weekend to a sold out screaming crowd (watch videos), and last night’s successful Austin screenings, March 5 and 6th Arizona readers will be able to find out why the eagles and vultures are attacking (although, does it really matter?). Click here for ticketing info for the March 5 & 6th screenings at the MADCAP Theaters in Tempe, AZ. There is also an encore screening March 5th here in Los Angeles. But that’s not all, below you’ll find the first part of our exclusive one-on-one chat with director James Nguyen who talks about the surprise success of Birdemic. Watch for more coverage soon and watch the official fan page for updates on (or to request) a theater near you.


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