Baby Eggs Over Easy? Disgusting Trailer for 'Womb Ghosts' - Bloody Disgusting
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Baby Eggs Over Easy? Disgusting Trailer for ‘Womb Ghosts’



Twitch caught a whiff of the following off the film’s official website, and what you’re about to see is pretty grotesque. All the way from Hong Kong comes Dennis Law’s Womb Ghosts, a new horror film that apparently featuring puke, bloody wombs and babies being cooked on a frying pan – three things you will never see combined in an American film. You can watch the trailer below (get ready for gross) and read a lengthy synopsis. Mmmmm, baby eggs.
Life after death of a fetus inside a woman’s body exists as a Womb Ghost. Unnatural termination of such life will turn the baby into the evilest and most vicious kind of spirit.

A mental hospital is haunted by spirits, the mysterious miscarriage of a young and beautiful inmate causes the authority to investigate. Only one answer can be given to the existence of such an ungodly creature…Womb Ghost.

Womb Ghosts, a non-stop horror experience where haunting begins when life ends…” – Wiki


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