*UPDATED* ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Casting News FAKE

Recently a website claimed to have some casting news and a synopsis for New Line Cinema’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel. I’ve got the official word from New Line on the validity of this news- it’s total and complete bullsh*t! Inside you’ll find the fake news, so you know what’s true and untrue in the future.

Movie Tome reported the following false news::

“According to a report on the Movie Tome website, former “Angel” star Amy Acker – she was ‘Fred’ before she died and came back as ‘Illyria’ – will be starring in the follow-up to the recent “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake.

Called “Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Next Generation” – funnily enough that’s already been used as a title for one of the ‘Chainsaw’ sequels – it’s described by the site, like this : “Eight Teens are on a road trip to Mexico when they are involved in a fatal collision leaving one dead and stranding the rest.Upon their arrival at the Hewitt residence they discover Travis County has more secrets than it likes to talk about. The Rumours are true. and it’s too late to turn back because the chainsaw’s buzzin!”.

Recent ‘Leatherface’ Andrew Bryniarski is playing Thomas Hewitt, David Dorfman is back as Jedidiah Hewitt and Heather Kafka returns as Henrietta Hewitt.

According to the site the film is slated for release July, 2005. According to a report on Whedonesque, Acker starts filming the movie next week.”

Source: Movietome