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Social Commentary in Pyscho Cop Slasher ‘Pig’

Manic Cop meets Judgment Night, that’s tone I gather from Jay Baruchel’s forthcoming slasher film, Pig, which he hopes is just the beginning of a long career in horror. The star of the forthcoming She’s Out of My League, and other comedies such as Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, exclaimed that his sole inspiration is David Cronenberg and that he dreams of a career in horror. Will Pig ever get behind camera? I’d hope so if he’s planning on delivering more gore in the future. Get the skinny inside.
I have a whole bunch of ideas [for horror films],” Baruchel tells AV Club. “I got a dozen movies, my dream movies, that I want to make if I get the chance. The first one, the one that we’re kind of working on right now, that hopefully I’ll finally get to direct in the next year or two, is kind of a re-imagining of a slasher film about a crazy white cop who chases four black kids throughout the ghetto on July 4. It’ll be subversive and controversial and polarizing, but that’s what’s best in horror, the movies that do that to people.

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