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Thomas Edison’s 1910 ‘Frankenstein’ Restored on DVD!

You may think that James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein film starring Boris Karloff is your first look at the monster, while in fact Thomas Edison’s 1910 short adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel is its first true incarnation (and also the first ever horror film). March 18 marks the 100th anniversary of the release of the long forgotten original made in 1910 by Thomas Edison’s studio, and to celebrate publisher BearManor Media is releasing Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr.’s new book “Edison’s Frankenstein,” along with a restored DVD of the original short (from the one existing print!). While you can read all about this gem over at the Hollywood Reporter, reading on you’ll find the actual short for your viewing pleasure. It’ll make you want to pick up the restored version, that I know for sure.



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