In Memory of Robert A. Burns….

As you all know, Robert Burns- the art director on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Re-Animator, The Howling and Tourist Trap– died this past Monday, Memorial Day, in his home in Seguin, TX. Inside you’ll find an little story in rememberance from Nate Hiatt (DukePooPoo) of Freeze Dried Movies.
Nate writes, “I attended Cinema Wasteland’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reunion Con in Cleveland last April, I believe the last con appearance of the now late, Robert Burns.

I made my way by his table Saturday afternoon to get his John Hanc0ck on my TCM Poster. He was an extremely nice guy, so much so that when walking away from his table my friend mentioned to me, “Damn he was nice.” I was able to debate with him which film was better, The Hills Have Eyes or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mr. Burns defended Hills as the overall better movie, while I protested. When it came time to shell out the dough for the signature, Mr. Burns quoted me “5 bucks”, in which I raised my eyebrows. Most of the other ‘fan-friendly’ guests of the convention were charging 10+ dollars a pop for autographs. He must’ve noticed because he followed up with, “Yeah, I like to make these guys look bad!” coupled with pointing to the table next to him, Gunnar Hansen’s.

On the 4-Hour Trek home from the con my friends and I discussed it and we all agreed that he was the nicest and one of the most interesting guests there. He’ll be sorely missed by this horror mark.”

Source: IMDB on Robert Bruns