What’s the Deal with ’30 Days of Night’ and Such?

Anyone who has been collecting comics the past two years knows the name Steve Niles- and knows it well. The man is the genius behind such books at 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre. Well, his books are so hot, tons of them are already being developed into feature films, so to see the current status of four of them, read on!
Dark Horizons was alertaed to the following, “Speaking with Comic Book Resources, writer and comic creator Steve Niles talked about how the film adaptation of his comic “Thirty Days of Night” is progressing, and what other projects he has in development:

Thirty Days of Night
Has a new screenplay being written right now by Stuart Beattie and we’re that much closer with Sam [Raimi] being done with ‘Spider-Man 2. I know of two different occasions where Sam’s been interviewed for ‘Spider-Man 2’ and he brought up ‘Thirty Days of Night.’ The studio’s still excited about it, I’m still excited, we’re just waiting”.

Criminal Macabre
“I’m writing the second draft for MGM right now and I have to turn that in soon. It’s a big, pulpy Cal movie. That’s going really well, I’m having a lot of fun with that. With the movie, it’s all down to casting. Everybody worries about all the drug references with Cal. It doesn’t have to be like ‘Cheech and Chong,’ where every time he gets out of the car there’s a big puff of smoke. It’s really the attitude that’s more important. I’m still pushing for that because I feel that part of the noir detective thing is the downtrodden guy. Alcohol was the way people used to do it, but now people have a lot of other ways of doing it. The stuff he abuses is like prescription drugs and whatever else he can get his hands on”.

Wake the Dead
We’re talking with a well-known director now, but I need another conversation or two with him to find out if he’s doing it. Mike Dougherty is still doing the script.

They bought that so far in advance, I hadn’t even written the comic! So, I just turned in the comic and the studio is running around with that”.

Source: Comicbook Resources