‘Chopping Mall’ Sequel or Remake?

Sometimes we get a scoop that actually ends up having some truth to it- that is the case with an email I received reporting a possible remake of Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall, which was just reported to be hitting DVD on August 10th thanks to Lions Gate. Read on for the rumor and then Jim Wynorski’s response to it..
quiet employee writes in the following scoop:

Just happen to be privy to some legal wranglings around Roger & Julie Corman’s camp; Lion’s Gate is preparing to release a Chopping Mall/Killbots DVD, but once word reached Corman’s legal department, are is some shuffling going on to find precisely who owns the rights, and if indeed the DVD can be lawfully distributed. Why such the concern? Evidently, someone has contacted Corman’s company with the notion of a remake – or possibly sequel. Once everything is sussed out, Lion’s Gate might find themselves to have a cease and desist letter from the big C. Unfortunate, but true.

Jim Wynorski writes in response:

You have the word, but the shoe is on the other foot. Apparently it was Corman who received the ‘cease and desist’ from Lions Gate. He had prepared a Chopping Mall dvd release several years ago(with a commentary track by yours truly and Kelli Maroney and Barbara Crampton). That release was scrapped when Lion’s Gate, who now own the Vestron Library, stepped out of the shadows and said “no, you can’t do that.”

As it happens, the US video rights to KILLBOTS(now CHOPPING MALL) were sold to Vestron in 1985, and those video rights still reside with Vestron’s successor Lions Gate. So now, Lions Gate–not Corman–will issue the disc on August 10th with a newly recorded commentary track by me and co-writer Steve Mitchell, plus a gallery of stills and things. There will also be a featurette on the building of the robots, with on camera interviews by myself and creator Robert Short.

I spoke to the guys who wanted to do a sequel, and they are no longer interested. Corman still holds some of those rights.