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‘Gears of War’ Feature Rusting Over?

Bad news for those of you hoping to see a live-action adaptation of the kickass video game Gears of War on the big screen. The LA Times is reporting that New Line has scaled back the film’s story and budget, and director Len Wiseman, the filmmaker behind the Underworld franchise, is instead turning his attention to Nocturne, an apocalyptic thriller based on an idea from Red Dawn writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore. Read on for more.
In the “Gears” video game, main character Marcus Fenix leads a human group charged with protecting the fictional planet Sera from a pernicious enemy called the Locust Horde. Fenix is a former prisoner and soldier who comes with all the back story, and muscles, you’d want a movie action hero to come with, and the game features plenty of feature-ready weaponry and mythology.

But the studio has now cut the budget, going from a film that would have cost more than $100 million to one that will cost a good chunk less than that. It’s also reined in the story, turning it into a more simple, straight-ahead invasion story instead of a sprawling epic, writes the LA Times.

Yawn. They continue…

Producers are looking for a new writer to handle all this, but haven’t found one yet. And Wiseman, while technically still attached, will likely not be a part of it when all is said and done.

If they don’t do this correctly, what we’ll have is nothing more than a bland, modern take on Clash of the Titans. I’ll pass.



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