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Explosive ‘BloodRayne: The Third Reich’ Images

Bloody Disgusting friend Alexis Wawerka is working with Pistoleros on the special FX for Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne: The Third Reich and has sent us in a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from the second sequel to the video game adaptation. Take a lookise!
After we’ve already seen her kick ass in 17th century Romania, as well as the Wild West of America, the film’s protagonist, Rayne, has now wound up in Europe during WWII. There she’s got to give hell to a bunch of ruthless Nazis lead by the infamous Dr. Mengele, who’s made the sinister plan to give his beloved Führer immortality by turning him into a so-called dhampir (a crossbreed between human and vampire) through the injection of some Rayne’s blood.



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