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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’ Returning to Theaters in 3-D?



Of all of the stupid things I’ve read, the most idiotic comes whenever someone suggests converting an old 2-dimension feature into 3-D. If it doesn’t work with a modern film like Clash of the Titans or Alice in Wonderland, how would tampering with classics like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Steven Spielberg’s game-changer Jaws work? In an interview with the LA Times, mega-producer Richard D. Zanuck talked a bit about how they wanted to tamper with the original film before also dropping the bomb that they had once talked about bringing the shark into the third dimension. If you’re gonna convert a film, do it with something like Captain EO, which is already in 3-D. Read on for the skinny.
An excerpt from the LA Times:

“On “Jaws,” he and his producing partner, David Brown, worked with a gifted young director, Spielberg, who had to sink or swim when the visual effects work that was supposed to deliver a terrifying shark was slow-going and clunky. There could have been blood in the water on the production but, instead, the director and producers looked for ways to hide the deficiencies with props, flipped (and flipper) perspectives and the sublimely scary theme by John Williams.

In desperation, we came up with so many good ideas — like the floating barrels, for instance, that were shown on the screen to suggest this shark beneath them, underwater — and we did it because we didn’t have the shark,” Zanuck said. “In the script, the shark is on Page 1 when the girl gets eaten. It became more terrorizing than anything we could have hoped for. If we had CG then we would have had the shark in every frame.

(Zanuck and Spielberg spoke a few years ago about going back to the original film with the digital paintbrush of CG effects to create a more horrific predator. They decided, for the time being, to leave the film alone, although Zanuck says he is intrigued by the notion of adding 3D effects to the 1976 classic for a theatrical re-release.)”

You can read all about the works of Zanuck by clicking the link below. You wanna see Jaws in 3-D?


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