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‘Friday the 13th’ Sequel Dead and Not Happening



While hangin’ on ol’ Twitter, BC discovered @Mayroth_Tucker3’s tweet asking Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller, “Hows the F13 sequel coming along?” to which Fuller replied, “it is dead- not happening.” Bummer news after hearing that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. were aiming to have the film in theaters for August 13, 2010. We checked in with Fuller who added, “Right now there is no movement on Friday 13th: Part 2.” The sequel to the 2009 Friday the 13th remake penned by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift was going to be shot in 3-D and feature the return of Derek Mears as the new Jason Voorhees. Considering the redo made a whopping $40m in its opening weekend, and with Elm Street looking to open huge next Friday, this comes as a major shocker.


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