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‘Piranha 3D’ A Popcorn Movie From Planet Popcorn, FIRST IMAGES!



One of my favorite undiscovered TV series is Starz’s “Party Down”, which returns to cable this week. Adam Scott, who plays a washed up commercial actor on the series, also appears in Alex Aja’s Piranha 3D, Dimension Films’ redo arriving in theaters this coming August. The actor sat down with a few different publications and talked a bit about the blood, the 3-D and the popcorn factor, “I would call it a popcorn movie from the planet Popcorn.” Read the whole skinny below.
PiranhaHe begins his conversation with talk about how Piranha 3D is said to be the bloodiest movie ever made.

It was 115 degrees in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where we were working, and the entire movie takes place outside during the day. So it was miserable, but it was really fun because they were cool people, like Paul Scheer and Elisabeth Shue and Jerry O’Connell,” he tells AV Club. “It was really fun, but the movie itself–apparently it’s the bloodiest movie in history, which is easy to believe, because at the lake we were shooting at, they had a tanker truck filled with fake blood that would just pump into the lake continually during this one massacre scene. So apparently gallon for gallon, the bloodiest movie of all time. So take that information and either come see it or avoid it.

He then tells USA Today in a seprate interview, ““There’s a massacre scene where all the piranhas attack a big party that’s happening in a lake, where they had a gas tanker truck that was filled with blood. On the side of the lake, it had a tube coming out of it, going underground and coming up at the bottom of the lake, and it was just pumping blood into the lake for this massacre scene. I think there actually is more blood spilled in this film than ever before. But it was some special biodegradable fake blood, because we were in a lake.

As for the 3-D, he confirms that we’ll be seeing a super-lame 3-D convertion.

No, it’s one of these conversion ones, where they shot it on regular film and they’re going to turn it into a 3-D movie,” he tells AV Club joking a bit about how the scene were shot. “No, they didn’t have me lean in and say my lines into the camera. Every shot, they had to shoot without us in the shot. So they would shoot it and then they’d shoot the effects scene without us in it. I guess that’s a pretty boring factoid.

While Piranha is going to be uber violent, he contests that it’s an awesome popcorn movie.

I love watching stupid shit. I think Piranha won’t be in the guilty-pleasure category, because it’s gonna be–well, yeah, maybe for some people. From what I’ve seen, it has a sense of humor about itself, and it’s also really scary and really, really violent. I would call it a popcorn movie from the planet Popcorn. It’s just all boobs, blood, and–I don’t know, what’s the other “b”? Barbecue.

Piranha chop up theaters August 27.



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