News on ‘The Crow’ Reflection Figures

Those guys over at Neca do an awesome job with all their figures and the new Crow Reflections is no different. It comes with two figures, before make-up and after make-up as well as the famous vanity and the mask that inspired his make-up. Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
Neca Online talks about its new Crow figure coming sooner then expected.

The Crow Reflections 2 Pack Deluxe Boxed Set will be gliding into stores quicker than you can say “Nevermore”. The buzz on this set from fans and collectors alike has been phenomenal. High on many a “must get” list, the packaging for this awesome boxed set was created from the ground up with collector’s in mind. Sporting a window box configuration similar to our “Freddy vs. Jason” set, these action figures will look great in the box as well as out. The full view of the figures from the packaging may have you buying a second set just to keep closed. This may not be a bad idea because we fully believe that once these come out they’ll be flying off those shelves!

Source: Neca Online