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Horrible Title Change for ‘Exorcismus’

Having your main operations running out of Spain doesn’t help when you’re coming up with a title for a movie, especially when it’s basically the exact same thing as a forthcoming U.S. release. Filmax announced today that they’ll be retitling Exorcismus to The Possession of Emma Evans. If this title sticks, we’ll be seeing both that and The Possession of David O’Reilly side by side on the sales rack come 2011. I expect another title change by whomever acquires the film for the States. Directed by Manuel Carballo, Filmax’s Possession will explore the popular horror theme of exorcism, focusing on a young girl, Emma, whose erratic behaviour forces her family to bring in a priest to try and resolve the problem through hypnosis. The disturbing results are recorded on a secret camera.



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