Thomas Arana Talks ‘Hillside Strangler’

The Bourne Supremacy star Tomas Arana talked to Moviehole today about a few of his upcoming projects, including two new horror pics Bayou and The Hillside Strangler, read on for details and a link to the full article…
Moviehole talked with Tomas Arana the other day, here’s a taste:

Your next film is the horror pic “Bayou”, tell me about that:
Bayou is a fun horror film about a killer Snakefish who hunts and eats everybody in his path.

And “The Hillside Strangler”?
Hillside Strangler is about the famous serial killers in the late 70’s in Los Angeles. Many movies have been made about them. I also have a very fun film This Girl’s Life coming out. This one is about a pornstar, Juliette Marquis, who is wonderful. I play her producer, James Woods is also in it.

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Source: Moviehole