Naomi Clears Her Throat on Set…

Dreamwork’s The Ring 2 is well into shooting and now reports are starting to come in from a lot of extras and people who were on the set in Astoria, Oregon. Inside you’ll find a report from the set about a scene with Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), which could be a potential spoiler from the film that is set to hit theaters November 10th. Enjoy…
Dark Horizons reports:

A short but interesting report from the set in Astoria, Oregon has been sent in by scooper ‘matty1′ who stumbled upon the location shoot the other day:

“I know that here in town they have been using my street for chase scenes, which I am assuming is the “authorities” chasing Rachel (Naomi Watts). Also, last night me and my brothers watched them film a scene at the house used for the movie, and when Rachel walked out the door, she walked over to a pickup truck, opened the door, and then let out a blood curdling scream. She then fell to her knee’s and sobbed for a good 20 seconds.

Also, there is a scene of a Sunday market that has Aidan (David Dorfman) walk past a ‘spin art’ booth, and as he does the paint turns black. they say this is used to show that the evil has followed the family.

There is also a scene with Aidan escaping a hospital, although the hospital is actually an elementary school, the same one used in “Kindergarten Cop” so look for it when you see the film.”

Source: Dark Horizons