‘The Grudge’ on ET- Trailer and Website Online NOW!

Tons and tons of news regarding Sony’s The Grudge remake has popped online today. First off, the official website has gone live, doesn’t the image on the site remind you of the Japanese Ring cover- can you say major RIP-OFF! Then, the trailer, which exposes all the best scenes of the movie, along with new images, have been posted exclusively over at Yahoo! Movies. If you need more, then read on for details on the footage on Entertainment Tonight…
Gadjet27 discovered that tonight on Entertainment Tonight, they have your first look at the upcoming horror thriller, The Grudge with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. The story centers on a “grudge,” which is actually a curse on someone who dies in the midst of a “powerful rage.” Apparently, those who run into this be-grudged, supernatural being will die — and then carry on the same curse until it spreads and spreads… The Grudge, which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, hits theaters October 29th.

Source: gadjet27, ET, Yahoo!, Bruno Soto, deadmanwalkin