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Skinny Puppy Announce New Album ‘hanDover’

Industrial legends Skinny Puppy have announced October 25th as the release date for their 14th studio album hanDover. After the jump, you can check out the official track list as well as read quotes from Ogre and Key.

Okay, is it just me or does it look like these hands are about to produced the most terrifying Hadouken ever? I would not want to be M. Bison and see that aimed at me.


“It’s definitely the overarching feel of ‘bend over and take it,'” offers Ogre, only half-kidding about the album’s theme. “I recently listened to the record and it’s making even more sense to me. We’re certainly experiencing the rape of mankind as the world’s economies slide even further and the inability of people to look around them and see what’s going on. You’re starting to see a neo-feudalistic empire on the rise. People are getting so pissed off, they’re turning on each other.”
“I didn’t want to write the record the same way as the previous ones,” says Key about his m.o. on the first new PUPPY music since 2008’s Mythmaker. “I wanted there to be fresh angles, both in the songwriting and the programming platforms. I was changing the whole element of myself just to see what would happen. In the end, I made something different, but it was still coming from me. I’m not interested in looking at my accomplishments and myself. Like any electronic music fan, I look at the big question: Where is it all going?”
Track list:
1) Ovirt
2) Cullorblind
3) Wavy
4) AshAs
5) Gambatte
6) Icktums
7) Point
8) Brownstone
9) Vyrisus
10) Village
11) NoiseX



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