New Interview and Contest for Takashi Miike’s ‘Gozu’!

Asian horror fans, here’s something special for you- a rare interview with the sickest and most gutsy director on the planet, Takashi Miike. Miike was in LA promoting his release of Gozu, which hits New York cinema on July 30th and LA on August 13th. Click here to read the interview with the man responsible for Auditon, Agitator, Ichi the Killer, Fudoh: The Next Generation, Dead or Alive, Visitor Q, Zebraman, One Missed Call and many many more. But wait- there’s more! If you click here, you have the rare opportunity to win one of ten randomly signed posters! More info on the film can be found at Pathfinder Pictures.

Source: Pathfinder Pictures, Bloody-Disgusting