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Alright Already, Enough is Enough. ‘Battle Royale’ Being Converted to 3D

Seriously, who can I punch? Looking around my room I’m trying to figure out where exactly I can place a punching bag – because right now I need something to pound, and my pillow just isn’t going to do. Right out of this year’s despicable and disheartening Cannes it was revealed that Japanese studio Toei is preparing a 3D conversion of Kinji Fukasaku’s cult action thriller Battle Royale, which is one of the widest selling movies ever from Japan. Fukasaku’s son, Kenta Fukasaku, is supervising the 2D to 3D conversion in Tokyo through this production company Fukasaku-Gumi. Kinji Fukasaku passed away in 2003 and is sure to be rolling over and over again in his grave. In case you want to see it: the 3D version of the original will be ready for market screenings in October and released in Japan on November 20. Like the original, the 3D version will have an R-15 rating in Japan. MUST. PUNCH. WALL.



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