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Bloody Brutal British film ‘DeadTime’ Reveals Teaser Trailer

New British horror movie DeadTime hails from the West Midlands in the UK and released its teaser trailer today. Directed by Tony Jopia (a Chilean born director) and Produced by novelist Dominic Took, the film centres around a rock’n’metal Band who’s careers have run aground.

Turning to their record label producer for help, played by TV’s “The Word” Terry Christian, they are sent to a dingy old studio in Wednesbury to utilise their “Deadtime” and create their new “magnum opus”. Only moments after finishing their first track one of the group turns up dead, killed in one of the most stomach churning ways to hit the horror genre yet.
Director Tony Jopia said, “DeadTime was great fun to make with a focus on being British, bloody and really brutal horror. We wanted to capture the best that the horror genre had to offer, whilst really coming out with some brilliant death scenes.

Producer Dominic Took said, “DeadTime unlike so many other serious horror films leapt out as a possible black sheep of the flock. It’s for this reason I worked very closely with Executive Producers’ Tony Jopia and Stephen Bishop to bring their ideas to life and maybe have a bit of fun whilst doing it.

Dominic went on to say, “With people like Hollywood Composer John Roome to Score the film and a highly sought after Editor on board we’re really on our way to making DeadTime one of the best horror slashers yet.

No stranger to being in front of the camera, Associate Producer John R. Walker also plays a small role in the film, usually playing Killers and Rapists John’s character in DeadTime was a departure from those types of roles, “I was so pleased to play Rupert. Tony and Dominic were fantastic in the freedom they gave me.

On the future Tony had this to say, “I don’t want to say too much until DeadTime is released, Dominic and I are already in private talks with 3 major UK and US distributors.

The film also stars Leslie Grantham (TV’s “Eastenders, Doctor Who and The Uninvited”), Joe Egan (Guy Riches Sherlock Holmes), Ian Hill (Judas Priest) and a host of new British Talent. See our Internet Movie Database page for more

The massacre begins 2011, heads will certainly rock’n’roll!

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