Raimi Finally Loosens His Tie Up a Bit…

Months after Bruce Campbell finally gave up trying to hide the fact that there are in fact talks of an Evil Dead 4 and Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, Sam Raimi is now slowly giving us fanboys hope that one- or maybe both these project- might get off the ground, one day… Inside you’ll find the first scoop of Raimi hinting at the possibility, and then you can stop worrying about it, because it sounds like it’s years away.
Moviehole.net discovered some interesting news from Sam Raimi, “He isn’t really giving anything away but Sam Raimi tells IESB.net, at the “Spider-Man 2″ Premiere that he?d be interested in doing both an “Evil Dead 4″ and a “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash” – someday.

Says Raimi on the former, “I’d like to make another Evil Dead movie. Right now I don’t have any plans to, but it would be a lot of fun”.

And on the latter he remarks “That sounds interesting. I’d love to read a script?if one exists”.

Raimi’s concentrating on getting a “Spider-Man 3″ off the ground at the moment so anything else is way down the track I’d say. Pity.”

Source: IESB, Moviehole.net