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New Line Closing In: Potential ‘Final Destination 5’ Directors

Now that a August 26, 2011 date has been announced, New Line Cinema is moving extremely quick on Final Destination 5. With a script near completion (Eric Heisserer is doing rewrites from the set of The Thing), the studio is quickly looking to lock down a director for the 3-D sequel to the $200m worldwide hit The Final Destination. With an announcement expected by the end of next week, there are three names in the mix to bring Death back to the big screen. Read on to see who.
The fifth film will also be in 3D, and we hear that the three leading candidates to helm it are all first-time directors, but with considerable expertise in 3D and special effects, writes Vulture.

Steve Quale, a second unit and visual effects director on Avatar.

Bradley Parker, a commercials director and second unit/visual effects director on Matt Reeves’ (Cloverfield) forthcoming film Let Me In.

Charles Gibson, the second unit/visual effects director on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

We had also heard that Automaton Transfusion and Scream of the Banshee director Steven C. Miller was in the running.

New Line Cinema is looking to “revive” the franchise and put a new spin on it. Could Heisserer, who penned A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing, have what it takes? We’ll find out soon.

Who would you choose to direct the next Final Destination?

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