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A Vampire Bonnie and Clyde in ‘Hemo’



Below you’ll find the teaser trailer for writer/director Bob Freville’s indie vamp flick, Hemo.

Felicia (Pamela Price, How I Got Lost) and Calvin (Kevin Petroff) are two “vampires” living in a post-Gatsby Long Island where things are tolerable…Until the local blood bank beefs up security and they must resort to murder to get their fix. Along the way they will cross paths with a nosy Neighbor (Steve Dash of Friday the 13th Part 2), a innocent simpleton, a dangerous drug dealer and a truly wicked one-man Greek Chorus (newcomer Duane Bazazian) whose eloquent admonishments speak of their cruel fate. It’s only a matter of time before the vein runs dry and our two young lovers will have to face the monsters that they have become.

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