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Cameron Alumn Named as ‘Final Destination 5’ Director!

Steven Quale, the second unit director for Avatar, has been tapped to helm Final Destination 5, the latest installment in New Line’s horror franchise. An interesting choice on the cusp of rumors that David R. Ellis didn’t know how to shoot 3-D with The Final Destination. Eric Heisserer (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing) wrote the script, and Craig Perry is producing the pic, which has a September 13 start date in Vancouver. Quale is a James Cameron protege, having started as a PA on the director’s 1989 sci-fi movie The Abyss. He was the second unit director for Cameron’s Titanic and co-directed the filmmaker’s undersea doc Aliens of the Deep. Insiders say that Cameron even lobbed a call to New Line toppers to give them his recommendation. Very, very interesting. Have your say below and cheat death on August 26, 2011.
The “Destination” movies, which center on the idea that one can’t cheat death, usually begin with a group of people who survive a catastrophe because of the intervention of one person who has a premonition. Death, however, will have its due, and the survivors end up expiring in elaborate Rube Goldberg-like fashion.



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