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It’s Sexy Time With the Dead in ‘Beyond the Pale’

In the previous article announcing IFC’s acquisition of Wake they also reveal that director Chad Feehan will next direct Beyond The Pale, an adaptation of William Gay’s novel “Twilight”. In the novel teenage siblings Corrie and Kenneth Tyler suspect they’ve been ripped off by the town undertaker, but what they discover is much more sinister than either imagined. After their bootlegger father is buried, Kenneth sees undertaker Fenton Breece remove an item from the grave. The siblings dig up their father’s grave, among others, and uncover unsettling evidence of Fenton’s necrophilia. Corrie cooks up a blackmail plot and enlists Kenneth to steal Fenton’s briefcase, which contains, as Kenneth and Corrie soon find out, photos depicting Fenton “capering gleefully” with corpses. Blackmail material in hand, Corrie demands $15,000 from Fenton, and Fenton hires local psychopath Granville Sutter to muzzle–by whatever means necessary–the Tylers and get back the photos. – Publishers Weekly.



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