TV: 'Ghost Hunters' Suit Up for Seventh SyFy Season - Bloody Disgusting
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TV: ‘Ghost Hunters’ Suit Up for Seventh SyFy Season



Am I the only one who’s grown tired of Jason and Grant’s lackluster trips through yawn-inducing locations? Do you hear that? “I can’t say what it was, but maybe it was paranormal?” Yeah. The constant leaning towards believing when they claim to be skeptics is what’s taken this show and flipped it on its ass. But apparently people are still watching as Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” will return for a seventh season. The flagship series in Syfy’s most popular franchise, “Ghost Hunters” will resume next year with 25 new episodes. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson will resume their roles as the leaders of TAPS (the Atlantic Paranormal Society), which investigates reports of paranormal activity. Now if only they could get back to the debunking and cut the crap…


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