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Review: Hellraiser #12

The battle between Kirsty and Elliot Spencer rages on in the new issue of Hellraiser. Spencer and his comrades have returned to the place where he left his former human life, in order to destroy the box that took him. However, while Spencer is trying to destroy the box on earth, Kirsty is trying to understand it in Hell. And if the two worlds collide, chaos is sure to ensue. Another great issue from the genius mind of Barker and the gang. Read on for the skinny…

hellraiser12review WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker, Robb Humphreys, Mark Miller
ART BY: Janusz Ordon, Stephen Thompson

In Hellraiser #12, both Kirsty and Spencer are sucked into alternate realities. Kirsty is taken to a shattered room, where she is forced to battle her inner beast and control her reactions. Spencer, however, is destined for bigger and better things, and humanity is holding him back, as it has in the past. In order to let go of his mortality and become truly invincible, he must experience a stomach-turning initiation. Once both of them make their choices, something happens that allows a new evil to be unleashed on earth.

This series continues to establish itself as a staple for any fan of the Hellraiser franchise. Clive Barker and Mark Miller continue to construct a stirring tale, with a perfect balance of action, suspense, drama, and gore. Stephen Thompson and Janusz Ordon are working perfectly with Barker and Miller in bringing the story to life. Hopefully they will stick around for a while, so we don’t have to continue dealing with artist changes.

This issue, in particular, used a striking rainbow of colors; for instance, the beginning scenes seemed to integrate more abstract art with psychedelic color patterns, perfectly achieving a chaotic, otherworldly effect. Throughout the rest of the issue, the colors are mixed with heavy blacks, to show the impending evil about to be set free. Thompson is doing a bang up job, and it captures Barker’s universe perfectly.

Once again, Barker, Miller, Ordon, and Thompson are a dream team. BOOM! Studios has definitely released a masterpiece. This series never fails to disappoint, and it’s definitely destined to be a classic horror comic. Lucky #13 of Hellraiser drops on April 25th.



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