All Hell Breaks Loose In Hellraiser #12 - Bloody Disgusting!

All Hell Breaks Loose In Hellraiser #12

After Clive Barker’s recent brush with death, his work seems more significant than ever. More importantly, his work is the best it’s been in years and BOOM’s ongoing Hellraiser is proof of that. After returning to his earthly form, Pinhead is now on a mission to see the world burn, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to see that he has his vengeance. Check the preview below for some stellar artwork from Stephen Thompson and Janusz Ordon. Read on for the skinny…

hellraiser12a hellraiser12b WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker, Robb Humphreys, and Mark Miller
ART BY: Stephen Thompson and Janusz Ordon
RELEASE: March 28

The gripping story arc comes to its horrific conclusion! With blood on both their hands, Pinhead and Kirsty finish the epic battle they started, taking the Hellraiser mythos to a whole new level.