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All Hail Monocyte #3

Kasra Ghanbari and Menton3 are stealing the hearts’ of horror fans with their beautifully bleak Monocyte. This book is unparalleled in comics right now, no other book is doing anything close to what the Monocyte team is doing. Monocyte tells the tale of a distant future, where two feuding immortal races meet face to face with death, who appears in for form of a poetic necromancer. Filled with Betrayal, bloodshed, and philosophical musings, you can expect to have your mind blown over and over again. This book offers a cerebral look into the horrors of immortality, and you won’t be disappointed. Check the preview for issue #3 below plus some clips from Saltillo’s accompanying soundtrack album. Read on for the skinny…

mono3cover WRITTEN BY: Kasra Ghanbari and Menton3
ART BY: Menton3
RELEASE: March 21

The Olignostics are dying, and their fate now rests with the excommunicated Grod. Monocyte turns his attention to the Antedeluvian metropolis and their leader, the Green Man, but is confronted by the Antedeluvian elite guard, who test Monocyte against his greatest foes, light and life. Meanwhile, the liberated Olignostic slaves strike back at their former masters. Also features a cover by Ben Templesmith, an incentive cover by Eisner Award-winner George Pratt, and side stories by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz and Pratt.

A few weeks ago, Artoffact Records released the Saltillo: MONOCYTE soundtrack album which is meant to accompany the comic mini-series. Menton3 is an incredibly talented, multifaceted, artist and this album is part of his solo music project, titled Saltillo. The man does it all! The album has been a stellar success, topping the Amazon charts for Electronica music. For more info on the MONOCYTE album, head over to the facebook page. You can checkout the BD review right here and some song clips below!



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