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This Preview Of Swamp Thing Will Kick Your Ass

Swamp Thing just keeps getting better month after month but this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise consider it’s written by Scott Snyder. Everything is slowly deteriorating for Alec Holland. The Parliament of Trees is pissed at him for not giving in to the Green and now they want to watch him suffer. As the Rot closes in on Alec, things look grimmer than ever, and it’s all leading up to the Animal Man crossover (How stoked are you?). Check the preview below, it will seriously make you want to vomit for it’s sheer awesomeness. Read on for the skinny…

st7cover WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ART BY: Yanick Paquette
RELEASE: March 7

Moss fills lungs. Leaves scrape across skin and wood against bone. A Swamp Thing is rising in The Green’s hour of darkest need…but is Alec Holland a part of it? Or is he just bleeding out in a ditch? And as Alec falls, a horrible champion is taking the throne of the Bone Kingdom at Sethe’s right hand!




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