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Thinking About ‘Think Tank’

Fan-favorite artist, Rahsan Ekedal, known for his work on Echos has a brand new series coming out in July from Minotaur Press called Think Tank. Ekedal is teaming up with fellow Pilot Seasoner, Matt Hawkins, to bring you a a tech-lovers dream where they plan to explore the mind of a genius scientists and his crazy gadgets. Read on for the skinny…

thinktank Here’s what Matt said in the Image Comic Expo exclusive ashcan:

“Think Tank is basically the story about who I might have been if I was a lot smarter and my life had taken a few different twists and turns. I always wanted to be a scientist. I love Physics and Geometry. Science is often maligned as boring, but is absolutely not. A pure researcher is one of the most creative people on the planet. Living in imagination and dreaming of how to change the world. They combine the best of right and left brain thinking and come up with things like Velcro, iPods, Reaper Drones and artificial sweeteners. The stuff these people play with on a day-to-day basis would both scare you senseless and endlessly fascinate you. I love it. I hope you love it. This story is a look inside the mind of one of these researchers who is a slacker genius. The best kind of oxymoron. I hope you enjoy this art preview by the amazing Rahsan Ekedal.”



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