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A Drama Filled Preview of Buffy Season 9 #7

The latest issues of Buffy have been causing quite a stir, not just in the comics world, but also on national news reports. With Buffy facing the toughest decision of her slayership, the series hasn’t been this controversial since the mid 90s when Xander and Willow started shacking up. To be serious for a second, can I just say that this is actually a good thing. It shows that the creators are taking the book seriously and looking for new ways to shock the fans of franchise that is 15 years old. We’re with Buffy regardless of her decision. Check the latest preview after the jump. Read on for the skinny…

buffy97a buffy97b WRITTEN BY: Andrew Chambliss
ART BY: Georges Jeanty and Karl Story
RELEASE: March 14

Still seeking normalcy in the midst of zompire-stricken San Francisco, Buffy contemplates a life-changing decision the likes of which few Slayers have ever faced. Meanwhile Spike rushes to the aid of Detective Dowling, who’s in over his head with his recent investigation into the undead bloodsuckers plaguing the city.

buffy971 buffy972




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