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Review: Dark Matter #2

After a suspenseful and enigmatic debut, Dark Matter shifts into overdrive with its second issue. The crew of a mysterious spacecraft has awakened from stasis with no memories of themselves or their mission, and now they must band together to survive the threats of the final frontier. In a struggle to survive, they must also try to obtain the keys to unlock their own inner secrets. Read on for the skinny…

darkmat2cover WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie

In Dark Matter #2, the six crew members are immediately faced with a threat to their ship, leading to an action-packed battle scene. Once the crisis is averted, the crew is faced with another challenge – the ship has a destination. They soon discover why they have landed on this planet, and for which team they’re playing.

The pace of the story is steady, with new questions raised as others are resolved, keeping the suspenseful tone in check. The art is keeping up effortlessly with the high-suspense plot. Artist Garry Brown has truly brought the spacecraft to life with his elaborate line work. The color palette adds to the heavy lines with high contrast, bright hues popping out of the shadows. The outer space scenes are definitely the most vivid, with bright yellows and oranges cutting through deep space’s blackness.

Dark Matter is turning out to be a solidly-written, well-paced science fiction series, with intricate art to back it up. You’re gonna want to make sure you pre-order your copy of Dark Matter #3, which drops on March 14th.To check out more information on Dark Matter, head over to



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