Review: Creepy #7 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: Creepy #7



Uncle Creepy has done it again! That sounded less dirty in my head, but nonetheless, he has. The 7th issue of Creepy has just dropped, with their usual brilliant hybrid of a homage to vintage scares, paired with a few laughs. This masterfully illustrated black-and-white anthology gives a subtle tip of the hat to classic horror comics, and provides a dripping sarcasm at which one can’t help but chuckle. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Joe Lansdale, Bill Morrison, Dan Braun

Creepy #7 includes five short stories: Mud, The Shroud, Bloodsuckers, The Ultimate High, and Deep Ruby. In Mud, a small boy gets the ultimate revenge on the town bullies, resulting in hilarious mayhem. In The Shroud, all goes wrong when a nearly broke couple takes their last shot at making a quick buck. Bloodsuckers makes it very clear early on that this is not a sparkly vampire story – cue collective sigh of relief. The Ultimate High tells a curious tale of a drug stronger than acid or mescaline, and one man who seeks to take the journey into the unknown. In Deep Ruby, a businessman named Mr. Darrow falls into a hypnotic trap in the form of a certain precious gem.

The stories in this book really hone in on traditional horror comics; Tales from the Crypt immediately comes to mind. All of the stories reference real life issues, and all teach a satirical “lesson.” The art ties it all together flawlessly, and not just because of its color scheme (or lack thereof). Clean, fine lines are present throughout the anthology, giving a highly detailed look even without color; black and white are perfectly utilized, as usual. The characters’ faces have fantastic expression, adding to the campy element and providing a high-energy experience.

If you’d like more information about Creepy or Dark Horse Comics, be sure to visit the official website . Dark Horse is off to a great start this year, and this title is certainly no exception.

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