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Rebel Blood Teaser #5: The Unused Cover

Well boys and girls, this is it! This is our final preview of Riley Rossmo’s upcoming, demented, zombie book, Rebel Blood (for now at least). below you will fine an unused cover for the series, though I don’t know why considering how badass it is, but go figure. This is exclusive to BD, so don’t bother trying to find this picture anywhere else. Check back for more news, details, and an interview with the creative team coming soon! Peak the cover, as always after the jump.


Issue #1 drops this March from Image Comics. Although Green Wake will be finishing at issue #10, we still have Rebel Blood to look forward to as well as a few other projects from both Rossmo and Wiebe.

“The world went to hell in a hand basket. A highly infectious disease has turned every living thing into zombies. Your neighbors will rend your flesh with their bare teeth. So will the rats. And if the rats don’t, the squirrels will. Save yourself. Stay in the woods. Pray it hasn’t reached the wolves…and keep your gun loaded.”




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