The New Dragonforce Song Is Actually Pretty Damn Good - Bloody Disgusting!

The New Dragonforce Song Is Actually Pretty Damn Good

The official video for the new Dragonforce single, Cry Thunder, has come out and is surprisingly pretty damn good! The song comes off their upcoming album The Power Within, which comes out April 17th. The track is a really solid, epic power metal track that goes at a very manageable speed (as opposed to the blisteringly fast Through The Fire And The Flames). Also, guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman don’t really do anything super flashy or astounding until the guitar solo, allowing new singer Marc Hudson to show his talents.
Also, how awesome is it to see a video with the ban playing on a huge stage, lights flashing everywhere but no crowd? I’m serious here! Those videos died out in the 80’s. The last one I can recall like that was Rammstein‘s Ich Tu Dir Weh.

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