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Korn’s New Video Makes Absolutely No Sense


Korn has released Chaos Lives In Everything, which comes off their latest album The Path of Totality, as their latest music video. The video sets up the conflict when a skateboarder slams into a businessman who refuses to let it go. A chase ensues and suddenly the businessman is confronted by not one, not two, but SIX skateboarders. After a bit of roughhousing, the businessman grabs a skateboard, tries to break it on the ground, and then suddenly is skating with the kids. End video. 
First of all, that makes absolutely no sense. What is that supposed to even mean? That businessmen need to lighten up? How about a compromise Korn? How about the businessman eases back a bit, maybe loosens his tie, IF those skateboarders stop acting like complete dicks. What say you? Think that can be worked out?
Oh, and I can’t tell you how sick I am of seeing videos use the whole “we’re gonna show this at normal speed BAM! SLOW MOTION! Okay, back into normal speeBAM! SLOW MOTION AGAIN! Now quick! Normal-SLOW-norm-SLOW-nor-SLOW SLOW SLOW!!!” Seriously, stop now.
Want to see for yourselves? Check below.

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