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[WTF] Boston Pretty Much Outlaws Moshing

The Boston Herald has run a report that local police are cracking down on venues that allow any sort of “dangerous behavior” on the dance floor, a.k.a. moshing. The local House Of Blues was cited when a mosh pit broke out during a Flogging Molly show. Sixty people engaged in an “aggravated mosh pit dance” and since no security intervened, the venue was cited. Oh, and it should be noted that not a single injury was reported. The House Of Blues is working with the city to address these concerns. 

Really Boston? This is what you focus your time, money and efforts on? Guess what fellas, these people know what they are doing! Believe it or not, moshing has been going on for decades and is pretty much all figured out. You push, you shove, you run, you jump, and if someone falls down, you help them up, brush them off, make sure they’re alright, and then keep going. Citing venues for people moshing makes about as much sense as citing movie theaters for people crying during sentimental movies. 
Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s cite restaurants for giving people gas! After all, farts can be deadly AND they harm our environment! Freaking ridiculous….

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