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[Interview] Taylor Momsen Of The Pretty Reckless


Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen has taken the rock and roll world by storm with her band The Pretty Reckless. The band’s 2010 debut album Light Me Up was pretty much critically acclaimed and the band has been touring extensively, including an opening slot on Evanescence‘s recent tour.
Now, the band is back with a five-track EP entitled Hit Me Like A Man (iTunes). In anticipation of this release, BD Music caught up with singer Taylor Momsen to discuss the current state of things with the band as well as Taylor’s opinion on how women are seen in the rock and roll world. Check below for this exclusive interview!

Bloody-Disgusting: How are you doing?

Taylor Momsen: I’m doing very well, thank you!
BD: Tell me about the ‘Hit Me Like A Man EP’. Why release an EP instead of wait for a traditional full release?

TM: We’ve been touring ‘Light Me Up’ for almost two years now, so we wanted give fans a taste of where the new record is going, the direction. And it was for us! We’re excited to play these songs. 
BD: There is a lot of touring in your future, including trips to South America. What other places would you like to visit and tour?

TM: Well, Australia was one of the big ones that I wanted and we just got back from Sydney. It was awesome. Everyone says Australia is one of their favorite places to tour and now I see why. It’s beautiful!
And we’re definitely excited about South America but, right now, I’m just so excited to be back in America. I’m excited to be on a tour bus for three months and not have to fly everywhere. I’m not a fan, I really don’t like flying [laughs]. I get very nervous flying. Plus, we’re going to be touring with Marilyn Manson! How cool is that?!

BD: I honestly think you’re the first musician I’ve spoken to who is excited about being in a bus for three months!

TM: [laughs] I love touring! I love the road and to not have to fly to every city? Australia was a lot of fun but it was a lot of flying. From Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide, Adelaide to Perth. It’s a lot of planes. And then there’s the customs. It’s just such a joy to not have to wake up and pack everything in the morning and have to deal with that.
BD: About seven months ago, you told Elle magazine that you quit acting to focus on music. How do you feel about that decision and where you are at now?

TM: I can say I haven’t had any second thoughts. I live for it. I love writing songs and I love playing every night and recording. To be able to just focus on that and have all my attention on that is just amazing. 
BD: Rock is generally seen as a male dominated genre. But throughout rock history, women have proven their strength and intensity from Joan Jett to Wendy O to Amy Lee and more. What do you feel about the state of women in rock?

TM: I don’t really like to look at it like that. I like rock and roll these days, whether it’s female or male fronted. I mean, most of the people I look up to are men, like Robert Plant or The Beatles. I just feel that there isn’t a lot of rock coming out so I listen to it all and don’t really think about that.
BD: Another example of the male dominance of rock is the constant need to sexualize women who enter the genre. There was the ‘hottest chicks of metal tour’, there are countless hottest girls in rock, etc… but not really anything of the sort for men. What do you think it would take to get women to the point where their music speaks greater volumes than their appearance?

TM: Image is always going to be a part of music. Yes, there are women who are clearly sexualized but look at Led Zeppelin! Sexual icons as men! So, I think that they can go hand in hand as long as the image doesn’t overtake the music. I think that’s the biggest struggle, that the music should come first. But you can’t hide your image either. 
BD: Taylor, thanks so much for your time and I wish you the best of luck!

TM: Thank you! Thank you so much!

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