[Interview] Oderus Urungus Talks Holliston And His Sexuality - Bloody Disgusting!

[Interview] Oderus Urungus Talks Holliston And His Sexuality

Just the other day, I had the chance to chat with GWAR frontman and leader of the universe, Oderus Urungus himself. We spoke about his upcoming role in the FEARnet original, Holliston, which follows directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch as they chase their dreams of being horror directors. Oderus has taken on the role of Adam’s imaginary friend and resides in his closet, coming forth here and there to offer what seems to be truly dreadful advice that should not be heeded. 
Check below to hear this hilarious, uncensored audio interview which goes over topics such as Oderus’ role, what he brings to the set, and the answer to defining his sexuality. Is he gay? Is he straight? Does he look at planet Earth as some sort of large buffet? Find out below!

Note: Please excuse my laughter. This was just way too funny!

Oderus Urungus

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